Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pictures of our Land

Here are a couple of pics of our land. There is lots of construction going on around us at the moment, only us and the block left next to us yet to start.

We have a driveway already.

This shot is a side view, it shows both our block and our neighbours. The big dirt patch is on our neighbours.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Colour Selections - Done

Today was my colour appointment. I had done a LOT of research earlier including going to the brick place, going to the tile place, buying paint sample pots and taking pictures of various scenarios. Well it was worth it.

With my research and the help of the highly trained colour consultant our colours were picked and completed in 1.5 hours (that's for both internal and external) and I am very happy with the choices....although internals were easy cause I pretty much liked what was already in the display home.

Here are my colour choices:

Bricks -                                PGH Summer villa Range - Pearl Grey
Roof Tiles -                          Boral - Macqurie Profile - Gunmetal
Painted Features -                Wattyl Paints - Thunderbolt
Gutters -                              Colorbond Woodland Grey
Fascia -                               Colorbond Woodland Grey
Downpipes -                        Colorbond Woodland Grey
Eaves -                               CB Surfmist
Windows -                          Dowell - Pearl White Gloss
Garage Door -                    Colorbond Evening Haze


Kitchen Benchs -            Caesarstone in Ivory
Kitchen Cupboard -        Polyurethane to match Laminex Raw Linen
Laundry Cupboards -     Laminex Raw Linen
Bathroom Vanity Top -  Laminex Pumice (natural finish)
Bathroom Cupboards -  Laminex Parchment (flint finish)
Paint to all Walls -           Wattyl Paints in New Pale Cream

Here's a pic of what the kitchen will look like (and the same colours too).

The tiles and carpet we don't choose until closer to the build (i.e around the time the slab is poured).

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's locked in - our building contracts are now officially signed.

I've just heard from our CSO that the contracts have now been signed off by the state manager and our copy will be sent off to us today.

YAY - next steps will be finalising the bank loan, getting basix certificate (can take up to 4 weeks) and colours. I'm hoping for council lodgement for 4-6 weeks but I may be being a little unrealisitic with time.

We have our colour appointment booked for next Monday so I am particularly loooking forward to that. Esp since it's based at the site the display home so I can view it again while i'm there.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Arranging Landscaping

Today I spoke to the Landscape Designer, they let us know that our estate is very strict on the types and sizes of plants that we use (even more strict than council) anyway they are aware of all of that so I am comfortable.

We just want a minimal design: the 3 required canopy trees, a footpath to the porch, some screening scrubs and basically the rest grass so pretty basic.

They are going to put something together and send us a draft at the end of the week.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Signed (well almost)

After a few stressful days back and forth with AVJ and the solicitor, on Saturday we went out to Homeworld and got the amendments changed that we asked for (well there was some back and forth regarding expiry dates but that is sorted out now - we hope) and signed all 4 copies of the contract....Now we just need them to sign and date the contract today/tomorrow and we can move forward.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So close to signing

We are so close to signing our contract now. Just received final bank approval (YAAAYYYY!!!).

Now all we are waiting on is some amendments to the contract which our solicitor has requested on our behalf. I have my fingers crossed this is done today/tomorrow (will depend on how long AVJ take to respond to them).

In the meantime here are the floor plans for our house. 

The only difference is that we have added on an outdoor room (off the living and the theatre).