Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Handover tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day, we have handover booked in for 12:30 (assuing everything has been fixed that we indentified at inspection).

We are really excited to be getting the keys and to be moving on the weekend.

The whole process from tender has been 19 months so a long time coming. At least we know that after this there won't be another move for a long time.

There will be lots to do around the house I'm sure but it will be well worth it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Close now

Hubby followed up with our SS today and they are only waiting on a replacement toilet seat now to complete all the fixes from our list of issues from our inspection.

We are booked in to check the fixes and if all okay will handover on Friday at lunchtime.

I know I'm jumping the gun but I have got the cheque from the bank and have decided to book in the removalists for this saturday (no chance if we wait til Friday afternoon). I feel okay doing this as our main issues were external or visable from outside so only a few minor things to check inside.

Checking my to do list, things are looking good

Interim OC - DONE, received
Electricity Connection - DONE
GAS Connection - DONE
Water Connection - DONE
Book removalists - DONE
Home & Contents Insurance
Delivery of Bins from Council - DONE
Get Boundary fence installed - being done this week
Quotes for Blinds
Installation of TV Antenea - Booked in for next Monday
Delivery & Installation of Diswasher - Booked in for next Monday
Mail re-direction from Australia Post

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A great day!!

Today we had our 18-20 week morphology scan. I am pleased to say it went well only thing to watch is that I have a low lying placenta so will have to have another scan later in the pregnancy to see if it has corrected itself. We also found out bub's gender, a boy! Hubby is very happy although all was good as long as it is healthy.

On the house front we also received our interim occupancy certificate so I can have peace in knowing when we hand over we can move right in. Tomorrow I wil ring our SS to check we are still on track for next week.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Do list

Since move-in day is fast approaching, I thought I better create a "to do" list to make sure nothing is forgotton. So far I have:

Interim OC
Electricity Connection
GAS Connection
Water Connection (notify Sydney water so to get a water meter)
Book removalists
Home & Contents Insurance
Delivery of Bins from Council
Get Boundary fence installed
Quotes for Blinds
Installation of TV Antenea
Delivery & Installation of Diswasher
Mail re-direction from Australia Post

I think that's all but that should keep me busy for a while!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PCI completed, 2 weeks max until handover

The sun came out and made it much easier to complete our inspection today. It took 2 hours. Would have taken longer but we were all over the external already.

We have 9 items that need attention before we will take possession:

1) glass window scratched & and architrave needs painting in front bedroom
2) toilet lid scratched in w/c
3) glass window scratched in study
4) ceiling in back bedroom needs smoothing and then reprinting
5) reclean sliding doors tracks and handles and bricks
6) kitchen tap not working, back tap leaking
7) ceiling insulation needs spreading out on not floors
8) front right window scratched and needs paint on external side
9) driveway needs resealing

They have two weeks to complete it all so doesn't look like an Easter move unfortunately but the end is near so very happy.

PCI tomorrow!!!

Well am rather excited at the thought of PCI tomorrow and then only max 2weeks til handover.

Got my check list and ready to go testing every window, every door, every tap, every light and every power point. You get my drift. We know of 3 issues for the externals:
Leaking tap
Bricks, alfresco & porch need cleaning again due to mortar
Driveway needs sealing in a section

As for the inside, we haven't been inside for well over a month so will be lots more careful checking required.

Also the fly screens got installed today so reinspection for certifier tomorrow too.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Invoice received and PCI Booked

We have now received our final invoice (no surprises fortunately) and PCI is booked in for this Thursday. We are pretty sure that we won't be handing over the bank cheque on the day. There just seems too much to still be done betweeen now and then especially since nothing was done all week last week! However we are hoping it can all be done before easter (they will have til 12th though).

Still to be completed

Cleaning inside
Cleaning outside windows
CLeaning outside brickwork (including treatment of acid burn and removal of paint and excess mortar)
Paining and touch-ups of Moroko bagging
Removal of rusting drill-bit from air-con unit
Fixing patchy driveway

There could be more to do inside but we haven't been in since Feb so I guess there will be things found at inspection.

On another note, we had our first mail to the house today...our electricity bill! I guess it's good that it has come direct as this way we aren't going to be charged by the builder (with their mark-up). I will have to check what gas company they have been using, would be great if this was the same also!