Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PCI completed, 2 weeks max until handover

The sun came out and made it much easier to complete our inspection today. It took 2 hours. Would have taken longer but we were all over the external already.

We have 9 items that need attention before we will take possession:

1) glass window scratched & and architrave needs painting in front bedroom
2) toilet lid scratched in w/c
3) glass window scratched in study
4) ceiling in back bedroom needs smoothing and then reprinting
5) reclean sliding doors tracks and handles and bricks
6) kitchen tap not working, back tap leaking
7) ceiling insulation needs spreading out on not floors
8) front right window scratched and needs paint on external side
9) driveway needs resealing

They have two weeks to complete it all so doesn't look like an Easter move unfortunately but the end is near so very happy.

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