Sunday, March 18, 2012

not long now but some issue to fix

I spoke to my SS on Friday and was pleased to find out he has booked our handover inspection for 29th March so less than two weeks away. They then have 10 days to fix any defects before handover.

Today we went around to have a good look at the ouside as we thought better to point out anything in these next two weeks before we even get to the inspection as more time to fix things. Unfortunately we found a few issues...

The ceiling in the alfresco is not level in one section:

A drill-bit has been dropped into our outside air-con unit and is rusting:

Something has happened to the mortar in the bricks - only on one section of the house on two rows of bricks but does not look good. Not sure what has happened though:

And our beautiful new driveway has gone patchy. Actually we think that the driveway may have splashed with paint and tried to clean but has removed the sealant (he was there only two days after the driveway was done) and now looks yuck.

I will contact the SS tomorrow to raise these issues, hopefully they are all easy to fix.

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