Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just frustrated with the wait

The build
After a pefectly clear sky on Monday (and no one on site) we finally got confirmation that the concreters would be on site to commence on Tuesday. Much to our luck the rain stayed away and they dug the driveway and completed the site clear. All this was complete by around lunchtime so we were thinking all was looking good for the concreting. Alas today no one on site. I rang my SS to let him know cause this was the 3rd time now for a now show from the concreters. Unfortuantely I was met with the news that they had met yesteday and decided not to book in the concreting for today as the weather forecast was predicting heavy rains. Well the day is over now and guess what no rain all day and was perfect conditions (not too hot, not too cold etc). All I got was the reassurance that they would be there on the next good day, my issue with that is if they are basing that of future weather forecast rather than the day itself that could be anytime!

Don't get me wrong I do understand that they don't want to lay the concrete for it to be ruined and have to be redone, that would be pointless. My issue is if they had turned up on the other times when it was all okay they wouldn't have had to make the judgement call about today (which was the wrong call).

Still trying to sort out fencing with my neighbour also. He called two weeks ago to discuss which we considered the options and I emailed back the very next day and since I have heard nothing, I sent a follow up at the start of the week but no response. We may have to follow that up with a phone call (although really want anything agreed to in writing). It's just not looking promising that it will be an easy task. At least we have done the right things...got quotes, sent formal notification to the neighbour etc.


  1. I don’t understand your concreter’s business model... LOL how can you make money based on weather predictions? Concrete takes about 2 hrs to set so what they normally do is pour the concrete early in the morning. If it rains say 3-5 hrs later it’s actually a good thing for your concrete as you don’t want it to set quickly.

    Kdgirl, building a house is a headache wait until you start landscaping.... I’m over it.

    Best of luck, keep on everyone’s backs until it done, especially your neighbour, sounds like he know that you guys are desperate to have a fence up and he/she is hoping for a freebie.

  2. Ynot, that was my thought's exactly. Seriously today has been perfect weather. Apparently the concreters have lost money lately with the rain, where the finish has been affected and they have had to re-do at their expense.

    Hubby has decided to do landscaping himself now so that will be a long mission I'm sure but i guess if he's happy doing it so be it.

    Thanks for your support.

  3. The waiting game sucks. Our approval is still sitting with Council who are now 3 weeks overdue, and no one there can tell us when they will get back to us! So annoying.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the rain will stay away (both in reality and in the forecast).

  4. Waiting and not knowing is hard!

    Wel the forecast for tomorrow isn't too bad, hopefully when I drive past in the morning that work is going on.

    Council can be very unpredictable, it can literally be someone is away, I will keep fingers crossed for you that t all goes through approved very soon