Saturday, December 10, 2011

A bit more progress

We went to visit the house yesterday and more work had been done (yay)!

The rainwater tank has been delivered (I can just squeeze past it down the side of the house if I need to).

There were two downpipes that weren't connected to the underground plumbing that have now been connected.

The termite protection lines have been put in (not sure if they stay exposed or are to be covered up??).

Also the bath has been delivered, it's currently sitting in the dining area :-)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Site Visit and meeting with SS

Today we had a site visit and got to meet our SS. It was only a quick visit and nothing happening on site today but it was good to go through the inside and ask a few questions. Most of my concerns the SS knew about and had answers for straight away which was great. At the very end of the visit he said "you haven't asked the big question...when can you move in", we simply said we wanted a good job and didn't want it rushed and didn't know if it was too soon to ask yet. We will get stung by the Christmas shut down and holidays but will hopefully be in late-Feb. Our contract (including the Christmas extension) goes to end-March so I will just still base it on that.

Now for activity over the last few days... quite a bit actually. Garage doors have been installed, caesarstone bench and sink to the kitchen installed and tiling to all the wet areas completed. The SS actually admitted the tilers had caught him off guard as he thought they would still be there but they finished early!

now for some pics....

The garage doors
Pergola still to go above the left hand door

The front door and stairwell painted

The ensuite tiling
Vanity and tiling (mirror still to be put in)

The feature wall in the shower

Where toilet will be and window - tossing up between getting an obscure film added to the glass or shutters

Main Bathroom
I wish I had continuted the coloured tiling from the bath up that wall now - oh well definitely too late now!

Feature tile strip in the shower

and last but not least...

Friday, December 2, 2011

No action at all this past week

After such great activity the last fortnight we have come to a staggering hault with no action at all on site this week. It's a bit disappointing but I guess so close to Christmas it's a matter of lining up tradies and who is available I guess.

On the good news front we have a walk through booked in for this coming Tuesday. We will get to meet our new SS (who has been nice and helpful on the phone to this point) and get to properly view all the progress as well as ask lots of questions regarding things we are not sure of.