Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meter box in different location to the plans

Yesterday we noticed that the elelcticy meter box had been installed. That is rather exciting although it's not it the location that it's shown on the plans.

In the plans it shows the rainwater tank and then behind that the services box. What has actually happened is that the meter box has been installed at the front, over the slab for where the rainwater tank is suppose to go.

Now looking at the location in reality I know it makes sense for the meter box to go there esp so it will provide easy access for the elect company but the problem is that the rainwater tank won't fit on the slab with it there.

From what we can see either the slab will have to be extended to fit the rainwater tank or the electricity box will have to be moved. We are going to call or SS on Monday to discuss.

The main problem I can see is that there is a clause in the contract that says the electricity meter will go where authorities think is the best.

I think thy will charge us for whatever change is made even though it's not our fault!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Frame up and Windows in

Today we went out to visit the site and see all the wrok done this week.

Here are the pics:

The bricking is suppose to commence on Tuesday.

I also spoke to my Ss about a query I had and to see if we can arrange to have a walk through. We are going to arrang a time for next week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the sun fought the rain and the sun won!

After the crappy rainy weather last week, The sun is out and shining again which means work can continue on site.

So far the progress has been great. The first floor and roof frames are complete and they have started to install the windows!

The house is really starting to take shape.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain has kept progress at bay

This past week has been an extremely wet one! On the news they even said wettest July in 60 years! Understandably due to the weather there has been no progress since Tuesday.

Today as the weather finally changed (briefly) we visited the site and checked out the groundfloor frame. The first floor and roof trusses has also been delivered to site (during the rain) and are now waiting for some nice weather to continue.

Here are some pics of the progress so far:

The Frame:

That pipe that has given me concerns at the slab stage is now worrying me again, I'm not quite sure how they are going to use it for both electricity and water conduit given the very tiny amount left exposed after the frame has now gone into place:

I also have some concerns about part of under the slab being exposed where the extremely heavy rain over the past week has eroded/washed some soil away.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty as a picture - ground floor has a frame

I couldn't help but do the usual drive by the land to see our place and see if any changes had been made. It had been a nice sunny day today (a miracle that the rain stayed away) and work had been done, YAY! The ground floor of our frame is up! I'm sure there is still more work to do before they start on the first floor but it's starting to take shape which is fantastic!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frame has been delivered

I am very happy to report that there is a hugh expanse of wood on site which will be our frame.

Unfortunately the weather was now turned again and the rain has set it (and expected to continue for at least the next week). I will just have to wait a while for the work to continue and before I can see the structure start to take form.

Monday, July 11, 2011

False Alarm - crisis adverted

I went out to meet the Plumbers and inspect the damage (to the wallet that is) and were they surprised to see me. There was no rock. After a bit of back and forward we found that the plumber is doing a couple of jobs and he was talking to my SS about another job.

I don't care, it was worth the trip to get out of the office at lunchtime and to find out no rocks therefore no extra costs (YAY) plus another stage done - external plumbing. I think the next step is framework.

We hit rock - ARRGGHHHH

Okay so we haven't been on site long but until today all had been travelling well. Excavation for cut/fill, piering, internal plumbing and slab laid all without complications.

Today the plumber is back on site to do the external plumbing and has apparently hit rock.

My SS called me straight away to break the news and to find out it there is anything in our contract for rock. In a nutshell the answer is no, there is no provision, only a clause that states there is no provision for rock and if rock excavation and removal is required it will be at our cost.

I was so surprised to find rock now, and actually so was our SS, he hasn't hit any rock on any other site in our estate. I guess we are the unluckly ones.

He has asked me to got out today at lunchtime and see what it is and how much there is. I have a gut feeling it my be down the side of the house that my neighbour has already built on and could be from that but I really don't know. For now, just hoping and praying it's actually not that much at all (although would they bother to tell you if it was only minimal).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All is okay again (thank goodness)

I have spoken to my SS and while on site he double checked the internal plumbing in the slab. He confirmed that all was okay.
He did agree that there was one less pipe that was on the plans but that was because it was not required. The pipe is for the H&C water and the electricity conduit and apparently they can both fit in one so they don't bother with two. he assures me that this is the same as what was done on the other houses (there are a few the same in our estate).

Although I would prefer that things are as per the plans, I don't have the expertise so I accept that this is correct.

Now back to admiring the slab and waiting for the frame to start next week.

Is there a problem? I think so, I hope not

Looking at the slab today I looked at te plumbing and the various locations a little closer. What I found is that I think there is a pipe missing.

I took some pictures and then went home to compare them with the subfloor plan in the work order. Unfortunatey there are only 9 actual pipes in the slab but the plans show that there should be 10! In the kitchen area the plans show 2 internal pipes for where the island bench will be linking through to 2 pipes at the edge of the wall. In actual there are the 2 for the island and only one for the wall.

I have called the SS immediately and left a message. Now I am waiting to hear back and see if I am right and we have a problem or not. Fingers crossed if we do it will be a quick fix and not delay the start of framing next week too much.

I am kicking myself for not seeing this error prior to the slab going down!!! But then again if there is an error they should have spotted it, not me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We have a slab!

The boys have been busy on site. On Monday the formwork was put down and then after 9 months since the start of this journey, on Tuesday, the slab was laid. HAPPY DANCE!

We will now have a quiet period of 5 days while the concrete cures. I don't mind if it's a little longer if it means the slab will be stronger. The plus side, we now know approximately when the house will be finished and we will be in (weather permitting of course). The down side, the first progress payment invoice should arrive any day now.

The formwork:

The slab:

The garage

The Alfresco

From the backyard looking across the rumpus through to kitchen/living"

On the whole the slab looks great but there are a few things I will have to get checked out. For example on of the pipes is literally right on the edge of the slab. Is this okay and will it affect the slab and the support of that pipe?

I've also noticed in a few places there are chips off the edge of the concrete. Is this okay?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Internal Plumbing is done

It rained a fair bit throughout the end of the week so I didn't expect much work to get done. However i couldn't help but drive past and check each day on the way to work and yes there were people on site each day doing something. Luckily the rain did stop work. It did finally stop for the weekend and we decided to walked to our estate to check out the progress.

The ground was a muddy pool (needed some time to drain from all the rain but we were very excited to see what work has been done. The frame for the concrete slab has been put in place and all the internal plumbing for under the slab had been done. Also the foam and rio has been delivered to site for the slab prep work this coming week.

Now for some pics...

a bit water-logged:

ready to prepare for the slab: