Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We have a slab!

The boys have been busy on site. On Monday the formwork was put down and then after 9 months since the start of this journey, on Tuesday, the slab was laid. HAPPY DANCE!

We will now have a quiet period of 5 days while the concrete cures. I don't mind if it's a little longer if it means the slab will be stronger. The plus side, we now know approximately when the house will be finished and we will be in (weather permitting of course). The down side, the first progress payment invoice should arrive any day now.

The formwork:

The slab:

The garage

The Alfresco

From the backyard looking across the rumpus through to kitchen/living"

On the whole the slab looks great but there are a few things I will have to get checked out. For example on of the pipes is literally right on the edge of the slab. Is this okay and will it affect the slab and the support of that pipe?

I've also noticed in a few places there are chips off the edge of the concrete. Is this okay?

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