Sunday, July 3, 2011

Internal Plumbing is done

It rained a fair bit throughout the end of the week so I didn't expect much work to get done. However i couldn't help but drive past and check each day on the way to work and yes there were people on site each day doing something. Luckily the rain did stop work. It did finally stop for the weekend and we decided to walked to our estate to check out the progress.

The ground was a muddy pool (needed some time to drain from all the rain but we were very excited to see what work has been done. The frame for the concrete slab has been put in place and all the internal plumbing for under the slab had been done. Also the foam and rio has been delivered to site for the slab prep work this coming week.

Now for some pics...

a bit water-logged:

ready to prepare for the slab:

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