Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meter box in different location to the plans

Yesterday we noticed that the elelcticy meter box had been installed. That is rather exciting although it's not it the location that it's shown on the plans.

In the plans it shows the rainwater tank and then behind that the services box. What has actually happened is that the meter box has been installed at the front, over the slab for where the rainwater tank is suppose to go.

Now looking at the location in reality I know it makes sense for the meter box to go there esp so it will provide easy access for the elect company but the problem is that the rainwater tank won't fit on the slab with it there.

From what we can see either the slab will have to be extended to fit the rainwater tank or the electricity box will have to be moved. We are going to call or SS on Monday to discuss.

The main problem I can see is that there is a clause in the contract that says the electricity meter will go where authorities think is the best.

I think thy will charge us for whatever change is made even though it's not our fault!

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