Monday, August 1, 2011

Walk through with SS and bricking started

Today I met the SS on site to have a walk through and see how things are going. I did find a few problems:

1) some over hang of the frame on the slab.
I bought this up with the SS and he said tha this was okay as in those areas the frame has been bolted down.

2) a jab missing and some nearby not in straight.
The SS said that this would be fixed when the guy is back to put in the eaves etc

and 3) windows on the top floor all along one side are not aligned and hence do not shut property
The SS said that they are not fixed in yet, that they may still be moved by the bricky and he also hasn't had the window guy in to do maintenance on the windows yet. I will being looking at each window with a fin tooth comb when PCI comes around.

On the plus side, the bricky started today. He is really nice and I also confirmed that they had got the right order instructions for ironed mortar joints.

I also asked the SS about getting addtional TV/Electrical points, he said that I can arrange this directly with the electrician. This is due to be done shortly after the roofing is done so I will get the electricians number then.

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