Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not a lot of movement this past week

The scaffolding went up a week ago and we were very excited to see the commencment of the bricking of the first floor. Unfortunately there has been very little movement on site (sigh).

The only change I can see is that the bricking of the last remaining ground floor pillar has been done and there is a problem with that pillar!

Background, the pillar had not been done as they had to extend the conrete footing where this was to be placed. To do this they took down the support post (part of the frame) and did the concrete and were waiting for the concreting to dry before continuing.

The problem, they have now done the bricking for the pillar but forgot to reinstate the support post before doing the bricking (i.e. there is not support post in that pillar now.

I have raised the issue with my SS (he didn't know it had been removed) as I am concerned that the bricking won't take the load of the roof (hence why the support post was there). He is going to look at it with the brickie.

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