Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hanging in there

There has been no work on site for a week now. Our SS called on Friday to inform us that our brickie has been struck down ill. I was sick a few weeks ago so know that feeling so am hoping for a healthy recovery for our brickie and hopefully work can commence again next week. However also a bit disappointed we don't have a team so work could have continued while the one guy was sick. Oh well onwards and upwards.

Our SS also got back to us regarding the frame overhang in the garage and the post missing on the pillar. For the frame the are going to make another bit of timber to go under to support the overhang. This will be done when the guy comes back to do the eaves. For the pillar there are metal ties that have been put in the brick work that will be secured to the overhead beam. My SS said he'll also note it to get the frame inspector to look at it to give me piece of mind and if they say the post needs to go back then they will put it back in.

Now just to keep hoping for lots and lots of sunny weather and some great progress over the next coming weeks.

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