Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Missing kitchen cabinetry installed

Today the missing kitchen cabinetry got installed. They just need to put in the bulkhead and cornice above it and they can finish all internals (really only painting and touch-ups).

Unforuantely the driveway guys are no show again today (before you say anything about weather - there has been no rain where we live today so they could have been on site all day).

Monday, February 27, 2012

the waiting continues

Unfortunately the concreters were a no show on site today. Am frustrated as that was about the last of the good weather too so who knows how long til another decent dry patch.

Anyway I rang my SS to let him know. Apparently the concreters men didn't show so he didn't have enough guys to do the work.

What I didn't know at the time I spoke to my SS though was that the temp fencing came down today. I wish I had as I would have also commented on all the sand and rubble at the fencing edges that wasn't cleared yesteday. Oh well, still time to bring that up. Also am concerned at how long we won't have fencing for now and the house is exposed. I would have thought that they would have at least waited til a few days before handover to bring it down.

I guess its still their responsibility at the moment.

Damn contractors

Today people were on site clearing the rubbish and what can only be described as half-arsed clearing around the house (left anything near perimeter fencing). Well what they did smooth out in terms of the ground works, instead of taking it away the added it to another pile of dirt that someone else had left on our neighbours block. It's so obvious it's come from our block (track marks and all) tha now it looks like the whole pile is ours. SS will be getting a call tomorrow to inform him and to now tell him to remove the lot as there will be no telling what was there before.

Why do people take dodgy short cuts with their work!?!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just waiting

No progress at all on site, we are still waiting for the kitchen piece installed and the driveway to be laid. We are booked in for the drive way Tuesday and Wednesday of this week but the weather forecast is not looking good. Fingers crossed its wrong and we can go ahead.

On the fencing, we got two quotes and sent off for approval to our neighbour. We got a call but no actual agreement so far, it's not good timing for them $$ wise as they are at the start of the process but the same thing happened with us for our other two sides & we went ahead as it was the right thing to do with our other two neighbours. Anyway he also offered to do the job himself, we have said we are ok with this if it can still be done in the time frame & if not we have permission to go with our quotes, we havent heard back so not good so far!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Air-con installed and starting to get fencing quotes

Yesterday our air conditioning got installed which is great another step closer. However today went I went to the site I have to say I'm a bit peeved, they have throwned our spare carpet outside onto the dirt so is now ruined. I'm not happy because:
1) it wasn't their place to do that (and it certainly wasn't impeding their work) and
2) the SS had said he's keep it for us incase we wanted to use as mats etc.

On another note I have started the process of getting fencing quotes. We only have to get one boundary done and some side fencing and gate which is good. I met one company today and have an appointment for another on Monday. I have also sent email and formal mail to my neighbour notifing him of our wish to fence in approx a month and the request to split the bill 50:50 (like we are suppose to). No word as yet but hopefully he will cough up for his fair share.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our house for 2 will become a house for 3

We are building a 4 bedroom house so there was always room for more than just hubby and I but the addition will be happening this year! As of today I am 12 weeks pregnant! It is a big combination of excitement and joy as well as anxiety and nervousness.

A very happy time but with risks and tests it's also a time for nervousness while you wait to hear if things are normal and progressing well. I am waiting for the results of my Nuchal translucency scan so hoping the Dr can go through them tomorrow.

Anyway, we have decided on a room for the baby and should be in the house for approx 5 months before bub is born so should have plenty of time to set up and prepare.

2012 is a big year!!!

A stressful site meeting

This Thursday I called SS for an update as well as to request a walk through as we hadn't heard from our SS since before Xmas.

I got the update but SS wanted to wait for handover for inspection.

On the way home I drove by the site as I usually Do and the side gate was open so I went and looked at everything and closed the gate! The scary thing was looking through the window it looked as though the wrong carpet was laid. OMG!

As the SS had said he was meeting with the concreter the next day so I called first thing to see if I could meet him on site to check it out. To cut a long story short after a few calls and messages I was finally able to meet on site at lunchtime. I was still unsure about the carpet so got a sample so we could properly check it out on the weekend.

During the visit I also took the opportunity to look over the work that has been done before Christmas, ask some questions and point out a few issues we have. Unfortunately the SS didn't think some of our issues were issues but I have documented them all down and sent through to my CSR. Will see what happens next time we are able to inspect.

The next thing that occurred was later that day we got an email from our CSR to say that as of Monday we would have a new CSR, what a bugger so close to handover. Luckily I have kept all my email correspondence so if something is missing from our file I will still have documentation.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carpet being installed

I am so happy that things are moving along.

Thursday the insides were cleaned (may need to be recleaned though given some of the work still to do).

Friday the rangehood was installed.

Today, I got the revised plans for the kitchen amendment and the carpet is being laid.

I can't wait to get in for an inspection and also take some new pictures.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some answers and some action

After not hearing back from our covering SS or the office all last week i took action and called this Monday.

My CSR was sick last week but she managed to get an answer on the kitchen, which was good news. Our plans were wrong and we should have got cabniets in the fridge cavity so the building manager has signed off on the variation and they will order with the supplier this week (this could delay us a bit but better to wait and get it than not have it at all)

Luckily at the time I called the SS he was in our estate and near our place so we went over to our place. I explained that we had no contact since before Christmas and just wanted an update as to where things were at and also wanted to arrange a walk through. He looked at what still needed to be done (a lot more that he was under the impression of) and said he'd arrange the tradies so things would start moving again. He also said that my SS would be back next week so could the walk through wait to be arranged til then.

Anyway speed ahead to today, I drove by the house on the way to work (I do most days) and YAY there were people in the there. I couldn't help myself, I had to go inside and have a look. I finally got to inspect the floor tiles and thankfully they are not too bad (not excellent but not terrible). I also found that the toilets, bath, shower screens and mirrors had been installed so bathrooms pretty much complete and in the kitchen the glass and stainless steel splash has been installed.

From what I can see, the following still needs to be done:
*Kitchen cabinetry (above the fridge that's just been approved)
*Lots of touch-up paint
*gutter guards (where they have missed some)
*Fly screens

We may be delayed due to this terrible weather with the driveway but given the extension for the Xmas shut down period, they still have until mid-end March before the contract period is up and the penalties will apply