Monday, February 27, 2012

Damn contractors

Today people were on site clearing the rubbish and what can only be described as half-arsed clearing around the house (left anything near perimeter fencing). Well what they did smooth out in terms of the ground works, instead of taking it away the added it to another pile of dirt that someone else had left on our neighbours block. It's so obvious it's come from our block (track marks and all) tha now it looks like the whole pile is ours. SS will be getting a call tomorrow to inform him and to now tell him to remove the lot as there will be no telling what was there before.

Why do people take dodgy short cuts with their work!?!!


  1. Because tradies, generally speaking, are lazy and will try to get away with whatever they can. Couple this with the tight-*rse building companies and viola, you have corners cut everywhere. Mick and I had huge amounts of form-work dumped on our land from our neighbour's block and it wasn't the fault of the owner's at all. But luckily our builder spotted it quickly and we let council know, as well as send a very stern letter to the dodgy builder, and thankfully it was fixed up the following week. Another blog I'm reading is having trouble with fill being left on their block and everyone passes the buck and the contractor who's fault it it, gets away with it. So they'll continue to do it. It's disgusting. Good luck with sorting out this issue. Hopefully your SS gets stuck into the tradie who did it.

  2. Well I spoke to my SS. The contractor admitted he'd put a couple of buckets (I'd like to see his bucket!) on the neighbours on dirt that was already there. I explained that this is correct however that since this has already happened at the start of the build we don't have a leg to stand on to say that it all wasn't ours. Anyway he said it would be moved when they clear the front for the for concreting. (will see)