Monday, February 27, 2012

the waiting continues

Unfortunately the concreters were a no show on site today. Am frustrated as that was about the last of the good weather too so who knows how long til another decent dry patch.

Anyway I rang my SS to let him know. Apparently the concreters men didn't show so he didn't have enough guys to do the work.

What I didn't know at the time I spoke to my SS though was that the temp fencing came down today. I wish I had as I would have also commented on all the sand and rubble at the fencing edges that wasn't cleared yesteday. Oh well, still time to bring that up. Also am concerned at how long we won't have fencing for now and the house is exposed. I would have thought that they would have at least waited til a few days before handover to bring it down.

I guess its still their responsibility at the moment.


  1. Hi there, just found your blog on the net today. We are just about to start with Sekisui in Craigieburn VIC. Overall, how did you find the build process (excluding the standard stresses)? Your house looks great! We too are going the Atrium 285. Sekisui don’t build a lot of homes compared to your Metricons/Simmonds etc… types so I am hoping they are looking to establish a good brand with good quality homes?
    Any gotchas along the way?

    1. That's a hard one for me to answer at the moment as I am a little frustrated so may give you a not a true reflection of the build.

      However i will try to give it a go:

      Overall we love the design (why we went with them), love our colour choices (internal is pretty much display home in sydney) are are pretty happy with te quality (we haven't had a good inspection though).

      What I have been unhappy with is time dragging - from requesting tender to start on site it was 9 months and most of this was internal delays e.g waiting for drafting or waiting for tender people as opposed to external delays e.g. council (we got through in record time). And also communication (mainly on site) - I have found that i have had to call or follow up for information (I have called the SS each week or 2nd week for updates as oppose to them calling me).

      OKAY key watchouts (not sure what stage you are up to)...
      check your plans for electrical. they only offer a colour appointment not an electrical appointment so you have to know if you want any extras and ask for them at contract stage or it may cost more for a variation.

      check your plans and recheck. I picked up a lot of small things but it was only during the build I noticed something included in our tender (so we were charged for it) was not included in the plans. On the positive, they reviewed this and made the variation and that extra piece is now being made and added to our kitchen so good outcome.

      Go out and have an inspection at each stage. Mostly we have been happy with the work but i have asked questions and got some things fixed. Most of all stand firm if you are unhappy with something. An example was in one section of our frame we had overhange of approx 30mm in a section. I knew tolerances were only for 10mm max. i was originally told that this was okay but we pushed and it did get fixed with a support beam (just same timber as frame) put under that section.

      I hope that this helps you. BTW do you have a blog??