Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just waiting

No progress at all on site, we are still waiting for the kitchen piece installed and the driveway to be laid. We are booked in for the drive way Tuesday and Wednesday of this week but the weather forecast is not looking good. Fingers crossed its wrong and we can go ahead.

On the fencing, we got two quotes and sent off for approval to our neighbour. We got a call but no actual agreement so far, it's not good timing for them $$ wise as they are at the start of the process but the same thing happened with us for our other two sides & we went ahead as it was the right thing to do with our other two neighbours. Anyway he also offered to do the job himself, we have said we are ok with this if it can still be done in the time frame & if not we have permission to go with our quotes, we havent heard back so not good so far!

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