Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some answers and some action

After not hearing back from our covering SS or the office all last week i took action and called this Monday.

My CSR was sick last week but she managed to get an answer on the kitchen, which was good news. Our plans were wrong and we should have got cabniets in the fridge cavity so the building manager has signed off on the variation and they will order with the supplier this week (this could delay us a bit but better to wait and get it than not have it at all)

Luckily at the time I called the SS he was in our estate and near our place so we went over to our place. I explained that we had no contact since before Christmas and just wanted an update as to where things were at and also wanted to arrange a walk through. He looked at what still needed to be done (a lot more that he was under the impression of) and said he'd arrange the tradies so things would start moving again. He also said that my SS would be back next week so could the walk through wait to be arranged til then.

Anyway speed ahead to today, I drove by the house on the way to work (I do most days) and YAY there were people in the there. I couldn't help myself, I had to go inside and have a look. I finally got to inspect the floor tiles and thankfully they are not too bad (not excellent but not terrible). I also found that the toilets, bath, shower screens and mirrors had been installed so bathrooms pretty much complete and in the kitchen the glass and stainless steel splash has been installed.

From what I can see, the following still needs to be done:
*Kitchen cabinetry (above the fridge that's just been approved)
*Lots of touch-up paint
*gutter guards (where they have missed some)
*Fly screens

We may be delayed due to this terrible weather with the driveway but given the extension for the Xmas shut down period, they still have until mid-end March before the contract period is up and the penalties will apply

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