Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A long break but small movement again

We are a bit perplexed at what is going on with our build of late, we spoke to our SS before Xmas regarding the close and when work would start again on site (to make sure we knew what was going on and so to keep an eye on site). We were told that they would be back at work and also on site on the 16th.

This week rolls around and still no-one on site so we call our SS for an update only to get a voice message to say that he's on annual leave (no inidication of when he's back either). We then called his boss and were told that he is on holidays til sometime in Feb and another guy is looking after our site (thanks for the heads up! - not). We explained that nothing has happened on site and were given the new SS contact details. Amazingly workers are now back on site but still no call back from the new SS.

We are also waiting for our CSR in the office to get back to us on another issue also.

The lack of communication and having to chase to speak to anyone is getting quite frustrating and is concerning especially at this end of the build.

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  1. Communication is the key and sounds like your SS isn’t good at communicating. Lucky that you told his boss and the construction has started.

    Chin up, your beautiful house will be worth the wait.