Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kitchen Cabinetry - error in plans, not sure what to do

We went back out to the display home (a bit of a distance from us so can't do regular trips) just before christmas to look at styling and to take some measurements to help us with the post-xmas sales. When we were there we noticed that our Kitchen is not "as per displayed" which is what we asked for and what is on our contract tender. We then checked our plans and have realised that our plans were not completely drawn to "as per displayed". We are not sure what our recourse is now. Are we stuck with as per the plans or as per the contract tender (both form part of our signed work order)???

Okay what is the main issue - the fridge space. This should have some cabinetry shelving and bulkhead of which we have none. At the very least the bulk head is drawn on the plans (but still not worded on the plans).

Here are some pics:
Displayed Kitchen


the kitchen to date

Bulkhead has now been installed above cabinetry but still missing for fridge recess.


  1. Complain until they rectify it :)

    That's what I would do.

    Good luck


  2. I guess the question is, do I have the right to complain and get it rectified as I signed off on the incorrect plans??

  3. you have the right to complain if in your contract it says you are to have the cabinetry above the fridge space, also in your contract is should define the cabinetry that you should have. i.e. mine says exactly how many over head cupboards, cupboards, drawers and what they are all made up of. This does happen, I have read a thread on this in the homesone forum, I believe the builders rectified the mistake, after all you are paying for that cabinery above the fridge space if it is in your contract. page 12

  4. The contract should trump the plans because that is what you are paying for. Besides, I'm sure your builder will want to do the right thing anyway and they should know that you wanted the house as displayed. Just contact them and see what they say. Good luck and keep us posted :)

  5. easy.. just scream at them until they fix the problem.... joke just tell them that they are breaching the contract and to fix the problem. A good builder won't kick up a fuss.

  6. Have sent an email off to my customer service rep this morning and will contact my site supervisor once he's back at work too. either they will have to put it in or reimburse the cost