Thursday, January 5, 2012

Main Floor Tiles

Hubby is still on holidays so yesterday he drove past the site (have been keeping a check on it while no work is going on) and he discovered lots of activity on site! He said that there was a team of approx 8 people laying our poreclain tiles to the main floor area (YIPPEE).

He went back later to check the progress and WOW, they had finished in one day! I just hope that they have taken enough time and layed them smoothly as they rectified edge will be a problem if there are corners poking out.

I can't wait for our next visit to check them out properly (and get some photos).

Not sure what is next or when that will be (SS had told us no one on site til the 16th) and I also know the tilers caught the SS off guard with how quick they were with the wet areas.

The house is getting closer now.

1 comment:

  1. You will be in your lovely house in no time. Once tiling is done the rest is just bits and pieces,

    Can't wait to see pics :-)