Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carpet being installed

I am so happy that things are moving along.

Thursday the insides were cleaned (may need to be recleaned though given some of the work still to do).

Friday the rangehood was installed.

Today, I got the revised plans for the kitchen amendment and the carpet is being laid.

I can't wait to get in for an inspection and also take some new pictures.


  1. sounds like your near the finishing line.

    Hope it's smooth sailing from here on.

  2. Not long now. Have they given you a date yet.? We are at the same you we have found the last few months frustrating and slow

  3. No date as yet. SS said he is waiting I driveway and kitchen shelving which both are likely to take a couple of weeks before action on site and then will likely be two weeks after that.

    The driveway is weather dependent though