Thursday, February 16, 2012

Air-con installed and starting to get fencing quotes

Yesterday our air conditioning got installed which is great another step closer. However today went I went to the site I have to say I'm a bit peeved, they have throwned our spare carpet outside onto the dirt so is now ruined. I'm not happy because:
1) it wasn't their place to do that (and it certainly wasn't impeding their work) and
2) the SS had said he's keep it for us incase we wanted to use as mats etc.

On another note I have started the process of getting fencing quotes. We only have to get one boundary done and some side fencing and gate which is good. I met one company today and have an appointment for another on Monday. I have also sent email and formal mail to my neighbour notifing him of our wish to fence in approx a month and the request to split the bill 50:50 (like we are suppose to). No word as yet but hopefully he will cough up for his fair share.

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