Saturday, February 11, 2012

A stressful site meeting

This Thursday I called SS for an update as well as to request a walk through as we hadn't heard from our SS since before Xmas.

I got the update but SS wanted to wait for handover for inspection.

On the way home I drove by the site as I usually Do and the side gate was open so I went and looked at everything and closed the gate! The scary thing was looking through the window it looked as though the wrong carpet was laid. OMG!

As the SS had said he was meeting with the concreter the next day so I called first thing to see if I could meet him on site to check it out. To cut a long story short after a few calls and messages I was finally able to meet on site at lunchtime. I was still unsure about the carpet so got a sample so we could properly check it out on the weekend.

During the visit I also took the opportunity to look over the work that has been done before Christmas, ask some questions and point out a few issues we have. Unfortunately the SS didn't think some of our issues were issues but I have documented them all down and sent through to my CSR. Will see what happens next time we are able to inspect.

The next thing that occurred was later that day we got an email from our CSR to say that as of Monday we would have a new CSR, what a bugger so close to handover. Luckily I have kept all my email correspondence so if something is missing from our file I will still have documentation.

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