Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why does it feel like there is a new problem each day?!

I spoke with hubby last night and discussed the inspection with him as he couldn't make it. He was concerned about the frame overhang on the slab so we did some research and found out that there is a tolerance for this of up to 10mm, unfortunately in the spot I found it's definitely more than this. Hubby decided to call SS today to follow up for a solution, SS has not returned the call yet.

Next problem, I get a call from our strata manager of the estate today, as I am on the executive committee I didn't think twice. Well there was a problem, there is a water leak on the lot next to us. When he rang the owner, the owner said that he believe it was from our builder using his lot (which they have but so have others). It is possible that our builders subbies are at fault. So now we'll have to deal with sortig this out. I wish that they'd just skip over me and sort out directly with the builder but I will have to get involved. Most frustrating part is that it apparently happened a month ago but they didn't both to say anything then so it's been leaking all this time.

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