Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Piering is done

It was not looking good for the piering to go ahead this Wednesday. On Tuesday, we had some rain during the day and then a lot more heavy rain in the evening.

Although I thought it would not go ahead, I couldn't help but drive past the site on Wednesday morning on my way to work. Much to my pleasant surprise the guys were there with the digging equipment!

The weather was nice to us and the rain held off all morning! This allowed all the bore holes to be dug. I then met with our SS (a nice guy) on site at lunchtime and inspected the holes and signed off on the piering sheet (this shows the depth of each hole which will then be billed).

Shortly after the concrete truck arrived and commenced filling the holes. Yay, foundations are partially laid. Next step is the plumbing and then the slab.

My camera was playing up today so no pics of the many holes. Will have some more after the plumbing, of which is booked for tomorrow (weather permitting again).

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