Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tile selections completed

Yesterday I had the tile appointment.

Even though we had been out and done a pre-selection we had decided most likely not to go with what we had seen during pre-selection because of this I decided to go out early to have a good look before the appointment started. This was a good idea.

I ended up ruling out all our preselection tiles apart from gloss white on the bathroom walls. I had quite a helpful sales person so it made it easier.

I upgraded the main bathroom and ensuite to floor-ceiling tiling which I am very happy about and in the W/C and powder room upgraded to 1.2m wall tiles. I also put in a feature tile over the bath in the main bathroom and on the shower wall in the ensuite.

The colours are:
Floor - Drift Sand 300mm x 300mm
Wall - Sequenza White Gloss 300mm x 400mm
Feature - Drift Sand Gloss 300mm x 400mm

Laundry is standard.

The colours are:
Floor - Select Taupe 300mm x 300mm
Wall - Sector Gloss White 200mm x 400mm

Living Areas Downstairs:
We weren't really happy with any of the ceramic tiles choices in our range, they would have been a real unhappy compromise. I decided to look at large 600mm x 600mm porcelain tiles. Unfortunately with the increased cost of tile AND the increased cost of laying they were way out of our range. I then discovered the same tile in a 300mm x 600mm in our range - YAY but we still had to pay for additional labour. Luckily it wasn't as expensive as the larger tiles so I was able to go with it.

Colour - Alto Beige DC-Porc Sealed Pol Rect 300mm x 600mm

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