Sunday, June 26, 2011

Excavation Done, Retaining Walls needed

On the weekend we went out to see the excavation. There wasn't a lot of ground work needed as our slope from from to back is only a 40cm fall.

The only problem we have now found is that with the cut/fill to level the land they have cut into the land at the back (as opposed to filling the front) so we will need to put in a retaining wall along the side and across the back.

We think that this will be okay though as in our landscaping plan we have a row across the entire rear fenceline of shurbs trees so we can put the retaining wall in front of that and will just look like a raised planter bed.

Bore holes and Concrete piering is booked in for Wednesday. Am hoping this will go ahead as rain is forecast from Tuesday, fingers crossed the rain holds off.

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