Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Invoice received and PCI Booked

We have now received our final invoice (no surprises fortunately) and PCI is booked in for this Thursday. We are pretty sure that we won't be handing over the bank cheque on the day. There just seems too much to still be done betweeen now and then especially since nothing was done all week last week! However we are hoping it can all be done before easter (they will have til 12th though).

Still to be completed

Cleaning inside
Cleaning outside windows
CLeaning outside brickwork (including treatment of acid burn and removal of paint and excess mortar)
Paining and touch-ups of Moroko bagging
Removal of rusting drill-bit from air-con unit
Fixing patchy driveway

There could be more to do inside but we haven't been in since Feb so I guess there will be things found at inspection.

On another note, we had our first mail to the house today...our electricity bill! I guess it's good that it has come direct as this way we aren't going to be charged by the builder (with their mark-up). I will have to check what gas company they have been using, would be great if this was the same also!

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