Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Close now

Hubby followed up with our SS today and they are only waiting on a replacement toilet seat now to complete all the fixes from our list of issues from our inspection.

We are booked in to check the fixes and if all okay will handover on Friday at lunchtime.

I know I'm jumping the gun but I have got the cheque from the bank and have decided to book in the removalists for this saturday (no chance if we wait til Friday afternoon). I feel okay doing this as our main issues were external or visable from outside so only a few minor things to check inside.

Checking my to do list, things are looking good

Interim OC - DONE, received
Electricity Connection - DONE
GAS Connection - DONE
Water Connection - DONE
Book removalists - DONE
Home & Contents Insurance
Delivery of Bins from Council - DONE
Get Boundary fence installed - being done this week
Quotes for Blinds
Installation of TV Antenea - Booked in for next Monday
Delivery & Installation of Diswasher - Booked in for next Monday
Mail re-direction from Australia Post

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