Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conditions of consent

We have received full copy of our DA Approval and we have a few conditions we need to meet before construction certificate: new bricks and a revised landscaping plan.

For the bricks we went back out to Austral bricks and PGH bricks again. We have selected 2 that we like both from PGH: mild steel and cement. Mild steel is my first choice but will be an upgrade. I'm going to ask our CSR for a price and that will be what our decision is based on.

Landscaping plan will be changing our steppers in gravel to steppers in mulch and also changing two trees which is no big deal to us. Will contact our landscaper and get them to amend the plans. Hopefully not too much $$ to do this.

Next step is to meet with our bank on Wednesday and do the final signing and our first drawdown on our loan.

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