Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Customer Service Rep (already)

On Tuesday I got informed that we had a new CSR (we are still in pre-construction fase). I am okay with this except the reason I was happy that we had our original CSR was that she is handling the other builds in our estate so knows the ins and outs for there.

Well yesterday I got a call from our new CSR and what can I say...she is LOVELY. I'm very pleased!!! She was so nice to deal with and was very informative. She's up to date with our file and where it's at and also let me know that she calls all her clients weekly to provide an update of any progress. That is exactly what i'm after so I know it's progressing esp when it's in this fase where you can't see anything physical being done.

Smiles all around! back to waiting for that BASIX to come through.

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