Sunday, October 2, 2011

First floor external nearing completion

I have been busy the past couple of weeks so haven't updated for a while. The past week has been an aweful weather wise but luckily not so aweful that work had to stop on site so there is plenty to provide update on.

The brickwork has all been cleaned. We are really happy with the look & can't wait for the scaffolding to come down to get a real uninterrupted view.

The first floor guttering and roof is on.

The eaves and weatherboard at the rear of the property have been installed. Hopefully if the weather is okay this coming week they can be painted. Once all the first floor work is completed, the scaffolding can come down and the ground floor can be completed (scaffolding is currently going through sections of ground floor roof).

There has also been internal work done:

The plumber has been and fitted all the water and gas lines

The carpenter came in and checked/straightened the framwork and secured the brickwork to the frame.

The electrician also came and completed the rough-in for all the electrical work too. We had contacted him earlier in the week to get a quote for a few extra items to be done now. The quote was reasonable so we went ahead with the work. We go some external light points (fitout for later installation), two additional TV points, and a couple of extra powerpoints (one external). We could have gone a bit nuts and got a lot more but decided to try and keep it simple (and also not blow the budget). These extras we would have definitely done later anyhow so smart to do the job now while easier to do.

Now for some pics:

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