Saturday, October 15, 2011

Roof almost complete

There hasn't been a great deal of movement at the site this week. I rang the SS on Tuesday and he chased up the roof tilers who said that they would be back on Wednesday. Our SS also told me that the frame inspection was being done by the private certifier on Wednesday so once that was completed, providing everything was okay they could order the insulation and commence interior works.

On wednesday sure enough the roof tilers were back, the have completed most of it execpt for a few sections (I assume that will have to be fixed before the eaves can be done). Also some of the gutter guards have gone in. Will have to double check later that they all go in and for the first floor too (as that was an explensive but compulsory addition).

Will contact SS this week and get an update and hopefully work will commence again with the internal work this week.

Some more pics...


  1. the externals look amazing, good colour choices. Once they start inside they wont stop. When do you think the house will be finished

  2. Thanks. I was a bit uncertain about the colours. I think will look better when the blinds are in.

    I hope we keep on moving along fast. Contract date (32 week guarantee) would take us through til end march (including the 5 weeks for Xmas) so still working to that at this stage

  3. Just found your blog, and your place looks great! My boyfriend and I are just about to submit for developer/council approval. I can't wait to be as far down the line as you (though I'm sure you must think you still are a long way away!) . I just have a question: we're having trouble finding a good landscaper. Could I possibly grab the details of who you used? Your plan is similar to what we want to do and I like that you found them friendly and fast.

  4. Pandorash8, Good luck on your journey! We are 13 months in from when we first put deposit On the land. I think 5 and 1/2 months left of contract period too (that includes the 5 weeks to Xmas)

    Where are you based?
    Our landscape designer was space landscape in curl curl I'm Sydney. They were familiar with our estate and council so they knew the plant restrictions that we had to adhere to. I found them by looking at other DA's in our estate on our councils website.

    I hope that this helps.

  5. Thanks for that kdgirl. We're building in Campbelltown, NSW so they may not want to travel from Curl Curl. I might contact them anyway, just in case.

    Unfortunately Campbelltown Council is not so advanced with regards to their website and no one out my way can recommend a good landscaper, and the ones I found online are very slow to reply (if they reply at all)! Also, the landscaper our builder uses (located in the city) wanted $3k just to draw up plans! I'm thinking that I may just buy some landscaping software, put a plan together myself and do the work myself. Thanks so much for your reply though, and I look forward to seeing the rest of your build.

  6. Their website is