Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just waiting

Our Builder:
We sent back out list of changes/amendments required for our work order a week ago and are still waiting on the changed plans so we can complete the final sign off. I have been assured that this won't hold us up and production is in the process of ordering our materials but I'd just like to get the final plans signed so I know it's completed. Also the past few weeks it's been bright and sunny and weather going forward isn't as nice. I guess this is the luck of building.

Our excess fill:
I have been back in contact with our neighbour and have left messages for their builder too. They were happy to wait until our builder or landscaper had completed work to see if they'd move it for us (bascially so they wouldn't have to), I have said I am not happy to do this and that it's their responsibility to rectify the change in land level on our site (it's even on their stormwater plans that the ground level is to remain unchange). Will just have to see what happens next

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