Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tile Appointment booked

We have our tile appointment booked in for 2 weeks time. They recommended that we go to the dispay centre and complete a pre-selection viewing so we are familiar with it and our choices available by then.

So on the weekend we travelled out to Bella Vista and viewed the tiles. We want to keep the tone realtively neutral with a beige floor and white wall tile for the bathrooms and a sandy beige tile for the main living area. We have narrowed it down to some 300x300mm tiles for the bathroom floors with 300x400mm tiles for the walls and 450x450mm tiles for the main living area.

We are also looking at upgrading the bathrooms to be floor to ceiling wall tiles but it will come down to how much extra that will be. Will have to wait and see.

Will have some pics posted once the final decision is made in the tile appointment.

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