Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fixing stage complete - I don't think so!

Today I got an email with our fixing stage complete progress invoice. Okay so they have had the painters in the past 3 days (including today) but there is no kitchen, no bathroom, no laundry cupboards and no shelving in the wardrobes. I get the progress stage can also be or 85% complete but I think this is less than 85%!

I will call tomorrow and question it! At least it's not due for payment for 14 days so some time to still sort this out!


  1. Don't pay it, its illegal for them to issue u with an invoice for unfinished work. Take a lesson from those individuals who built with a builder who went bust and paid the progress invoice before work was completed

  2. Thanks for the advice Ynot. I called and emailed today and SS said kitchen was in...well it went in today, they will give me a couple of days extenion on the invoice since it should have only been billed today.