Saturday, November 19, 2011

slowly progressing

Now that we are locked out not lots to tell or show. I did call this SS this thursday just to touch base and see how things are going. He said that the carpenter would be there until Monday and then the kitchen would be going in (woot woot). He's been working hard intalling all the architraves, doors and skirting boards.

Also the issues I have spoke to the new SS about only a week or so ago have all been corrected which is great! The missing roof tiles have been installed (thanks to the carpenter, luckily we had 4-5 spares upstairs). I also mentioned that I am pretty sure that not all the gutter and valley guards have gone in (so the SS will now check that out). The plumber has been and pumped out the water from the electrical and plumbing conduit in the kitchen (from when we had no roof) and the external vent for the powder room has been installed (not sure if the ducting was put in too).

Can't wait til the end of next week to see the kitchen! I will try and get to site in the latter part of the week so I can have a look around upstairs too. If not early the following week.

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